Tech projects


Currently doing high quality software development at Danske Spil A/S.

My journey:
I started out working as a Software developer In 2000 and after 10 years doing software development I tried out Agile Coaching and Project management for a number of years. I learned a lot during my time as an Agile Coach and as a Project manager while working with some of the largest projects the companies had to offer, but after 6 years I decided to change back to Software Development as this is where my heart is.

Currently I’m developing Spring Boot applications (Microservices) for AWS (Amazon Cloud) using Docker and the J2EE framework. Adding to that I’m using technologies such as:
Grade, Git, React, Bootstrap, H2, MySQL, Linux, etc.
Jenkins, JUnit and Mockito in combination with a test coverage of 70-90% ensures tested and reliable deliverables.

Me as a person:
I’m known to be a hard working outgoing person with a positive spirit eager to help out in all aspects of the delivery process.

Short Experience overview:
– Senior J2EE Developer
– Project Manager
– Scrum Coach & Mentor
– Scrum Master
– Teamleader
– Senior J2EE Developer

My main focus and interest:
– J2EE development
– Agile methods, especially Scrum
– Highly experienced with Technical challenging Projects and development

– Table soccer
– Running
– Karate
– IoT development (Arduino and Raspberry pi)
– and much much more…

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