What will I learn?

This is a very basic project, but you will learn how you connect the Arduino and USB module CP2102.

You will see how a simple program can be uploaded to the Arduino. The program itself is the basic blink example from the Arduino IDE that blinks the internal Arduino LED.


A Computer with a configured Arduino IDE tested and working. If you don’t know how to get the basic set up working, check out my guide for Getting started (1/5)

What you need

  • CP2102
  • Arduino Pro Mini
  • Dupont wires



Connect your CP2102 to your Arduino ensuring that the CP2102 is powered from the PC, and can send and receive data from/to the Arduino. Finally upload the Blink example (File -> Examples -> 01 Basics -> Blink) from the Arduino IDE to verify that you can upload.


Connecting instructions

  • CP2102 VCC (+5V) → Arduino VCC
  • CP2102 GND → Arduino GND
  • CP2102 RX → Arduino TX
  • CP2102 TX → Arduino RX
  • CP2102 DTR → Arduino DTR


Next steps

Try the next project, the Fart-o-sensor